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Student Loan Calculator and Loan Payments

Are you trying to make sense of student loan calculators? Do you need help budgeting for college classes? Think you might need to consolidate all of your loans after graduation. Help is on the way. With the fall semester fast approaching, you need to put pencil to paper, or in this case, fingers to keyboard. Using a student loan payment calculator online will help you consider the benefits and potential negative effects of signing your name on that dotted line. With government backing, almost any student can qualify for funds to make school more affordable. However, loans have to be repaid. Knowing how much you will ultimately pay for that $2500 loan is vital to planning your future.

Save Money on Books for College

Tips on Saving Money for College Books College tuition, housing, meals, transportation, special fees, textbooks…it all adds up!  According to College Board, the average cost of books for a four-year college is $1,137.  That’s a lot of money–especially if some of the textbooks won’t ever be touched again after the class is over!  Rather than […]

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College Scholarships For Women

Women Grants for College Perhaps you graduated from high school a few years ago.  You’re working in a dead end job that absolutely offers no change for the future.  Or, maybe you’re a high school senior and you’re very interested in someday heading up your own construction company.  Now is a great time to seriously […]

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Are Online Degrees Worth Anything

Getting an Online Degree In these modern times, getting a degree is almost a necessity to survive in this bad economy. Many people nowadays don’t have time to go to college to earn a degree for reasons such as work, children, commuting problems, and others. For a solution, many colleges are now offering online courses […]

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Fulbright Scholarship Program

What is a Fulbright Scholarship A Fulbright Scholarship is a competitive, merit-based grant for international educational exchange for students, teachers, instructors, artists and scientists.  The Fulbright Program was founded by Senator J William Fulbright in 1946. Under the grant, US citizens are eligible to go abroad and non-US citizens are eligible to come to the […]

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Apply For College Grants

Applying for Grants for College On average, it will cost you roughly $36,000 for attending a four year college.  Unless your parents have won the lottery or a rich relative left you a good size inheritance, you’ll need to explore options to help cover college expenses.  For many students, scholarships and grants are the top […]

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Financial Aid Help

Financial Aid Steps Whether it’s a 529 Plan, a grant, a scholarship, a loan, or a combination of any of these, financial aid is available for college bound students.  With some smart planning, you can increase your chances of qualifying for financial aid.  Here are some steps to help you help. Take advantage of tax […]

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Student Loan Consolidation

If you are a student and have substantial amount of loan and would like to consolidate your loan, there are many program out there to consolidate your private or federally funded student loan.